Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My dear sweet Keegan on your 3rd Birthday

How is it possible that the sweet little baby, my first born, whom it feels like I held in my arms for the first time yesterday, is 3 years old today?

My heart grows everyday for you even when I think it is not possible to grow any more. It continues to grow not only with your sweetness and intelligence and, if I must say so, your adorable looks, but also with your naughty antics, never-ending energy, and sassiness too. Along with all of your "I want it"s, "no"s, "because"s, and silent defiance, you are also the most brilliant, intelligent, and loving three year old I know.

The sentences that come out of your mouth never cease to amaze me and the kindness you show when your friends and family (and even strangers) are sad blows me away! On Monday when I went to your school to pick you up, you were holding one of the 1 year olds hands and her mother (one of the teachers) said that she got scared when the vacuum came on and you rushed to her to hold her hand and hadn't let go since. That's you, a great comforter! You love to be a daddy to all of your babies and you love being a big brother to your new sister - that is a role you were born to be!

Keegan, at three, you are most definitely coming in to your own. You love Woody and Buzz and all things Toy Story. You love the new Disney Movie Planes and Dusty Crophopper and going to the movies in general. Finding Nemo is still a favorite. You can play with trains, planes, automobiles as well as dolls, puzzles, tools, and balls. Your quirky sense of fashion and funny personality suit you to a tee! I can only imagine what an awesome young man you will become since you are such an awesome little boy already!

Everyday I ask you who is mommy's big boy and you proudly say it is you and everyday you also tell me that "mommy has two babies now" in a way that is looking for reassurance. I assure you my sweet boy, the boy who stole my heart three years ago, that you will always be mommy's baby.

My sweet newborn Keegan - such innocence

 My awesome little boy!

Big brother Keegan with baby sister Caelyn on his 3rd birthday!

Keegan posing with "my donkey Eeyore and my batman." That smile makes mommy's heart sing everyday!

Fall Fun 2013!

Keegan's Fall Photos - 2013 Edition

Baby Lee 2.0

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